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    Area: 653,290 km2 (252,237 m2)
    Time: GMT+ 6:30 hours
    Population: 54 million
    Language: Burmese
    Capital: Naypyidaw (since November 2005)
    Religion: Buddhism
    Currency: Kyat (MMK). US$ 1 = roughly 1,500 MMK
    Dialing code: +95


    Most nationalities need a tourist visa to travel to the country, and can obtain a tourist visa using e-visa system. As to get the e-visa, you can visit this link www.evisa.moip.gov.mm for more details. You can also click here Myanmar Visa for any additional information.
    Myanmar has three distinct seasons: Cold and dry season from November through February, hot and dry season during March April, and wet season between May and October. The ideal time to visit the country is drying the dry time running from November to May. But the country lots to offer all the year round, so travelling to this country during the wet season, except September, is ideal, too.
    Myanmar is a safe destination to travel, although some usual precautions are worth noting. Since the minor street crime has risen in the cities in reecent years, we sugguest you take taxi at night in stead of walking. You should negotiate fares beforehand with driver. Don’t forget to show driver your hotel’s card if you wish a fair fare.

    We advise that you should keep photocopies of important travel documents such passport, air tickets, credit cards in safe place apart from the originals.

    We strongly recommend you wear inexpensive jewelry while walking on sidewalk or sightseeing. Your valuables should be in your hotels’ safe boxes if provided.
    About food: Myanmar cuisine features influence from Indian and Chinese cuisines. Local curries and soups are basic components of the local diet. Specialties vary by region, and some can be quite spicy. But, the most popular dish is Mohingal, rice noodle in fish soup/broth with garlic and lemongrass, served with fish cakes and donuts . You can find this unofficial national dish at every corner of the country. Shan state noodles (Shan Kauk Swae) the dish of Eastern Shan state is another popular food in Myanmar, comprising of thin, flat rice noodles served in clear, peppery broth with marinated chicken or pork, adorned with sesame and garlic oil. The dish has both dry and wet versions.

    About drink: You should not drink tap water in Myanmar, however bottled water is available and usually provides in your hotel rooms as compliment. You won’t have difficulty finding bottled water, it is also in expensive. Besides, you should avoid ice in drinks and peel fruits and vegetables before enjoying.
    Availability of internet is increasing in Myanmar, with wifi and access points in most hotels. Internet services are inexpensive but speed is rather slow and unstable, particular outside of major cities.

    The availability of Internet is increasing in Myanmar, with wifi and access points in most hotels. However Internet speeds are often very slow and unreliable, particularly in rural areas.
    Myanmar is a predominantly Buddhist country and foreigners are always welcome in temples and monasteries. However, it is important to follow some simple rules about etiquette and protocol:
    • Dress appropriately and act with the utmost respect when visiting the Zedi (pagodas) and the monasteries.
    • Do not wear shorts or tank tops, and make sure that the shoulders and knees are covered.
    • Take off your hat and leave your shoes at the entrance of any temple or monastery.
    • If you sit in front of the platform (the platform on which the Buddha stands), sit with your feet to one side and not in the lotus position.
    • Never point your finger or the soles of your feet towards a person or a Buddha figure.
    • A woman can accept something from a monk, but should never touch it.
    • Show respect and turn off mobile phones, remove headphones, lower your voice and avoid inappropriate tones.
    January, February
    Together with November and December, the weather in Myanmar these 02 months are typical hot and dry, making lovely conditions all over the country. Beaches in Nadapali see hours of sunshine, while the river water level are still high enough for boat excursions. The temperatures in mountainous areas start to increase.

    March – April
    It is still quite dry throughout the country for entire Mach, and a bit wet in April, although the temperature continue to rise before reaching peak in April, over 40°C in some regions.

    May, June
    The hot temperatures continue till second of May before going down by the end of the month when odd shower and breezes come. More showers are seen from June till most of October. But most of the beach resorts close from mid of this month due to unfavorable weather in the coming months.

    August, September, October
    Close up of beach resort continues while the heavy rain throughout the country are seen often till mid of next month. This may be the best time to do trekking in Myanmar and the country’s landscape is at its most beautiful thanks to the wet from rains. Great time for photography.

    November, December
    November is the beginning of the high season. The country starts seeing less rainfall and the temperatures begin to rise all over the country. Pleasant weather is across much of the country. Keep in mind that all beach resorts are ready for your travel.