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Our clients wrote about us

  1. Thank you Luy for helping us explore your country and telling us your stories. Vietnam is truly a beautiful country and I feel honored to be able to see just a glimpse of it. Thank you!  Brooklyn Broesky - May 2019
  1. Thank you so much for being such an amazing guide for our stay in Vietnam. I had such an amazing time seeing everything and having all the amazing food that you organized. Christina -- May 2019
  1. Thank you so much for being our tour guide for the 2 weeks we were in Vietnam. I appreciate you taking your time to show us all the great things your country has. You taught me so much throughout each day and lots of new information I can use in my career. I loved seeing your country and spending time learning all about the history behind everything! Thanks again for everything! -  Megan - May 2019
  2. Luy,  Thank you so much for touring us around the beautiful country of Vietnam. All of the insight you provide, added to the experience and help me understand more and learn more about the history and culture.
                                                                                                         Heather Bartley - May 2019
  1. Thank you so much for everything you did for us in Vietnam. You truly opened my mind to a whole different side of Vietnam. I appreciate all the activities you set up for us, and being our personal guide through your beautiful country. You did an amazing job Luy I will remember this trip forever thanks to you. Thanks for putting up with not only sweaty Canadians but me as well. I had an amazing time and I hope I get to see you again. Kira - May 2019
  1. Luy,  Thank you for all the effort you put into organizing our tour and being such a thoughtful, entertaining and knowledgeable guide. Vietnam is such a beautiful country and you were able to show us the “ must-see” places like Halong bay but more importantly lesser-known areas like the marble mountains or Trang An- places I really was surprised more than I imagined by ( in a good way). Overall it was an amazing experience and wish you continued success in the future!  Thanks again.
                                                                                                         Morgan Winter - May 2019
  1. Thank you Luy for making a small part of my ordinary life, extraordinary.  Natasha Alexis - May 2019
  1. Dear Luy,  Thank you so much for being our guide for those 2 weeks! Your passion for your country and knowledge of Vietnam really made the tour really fun and enjoyable. I hope in the future we can work together again.
                                                                                                         Kelly Pham
  1. Dear Luy,  I would like to thank you in behalf of those who went on our study tour. I had such an amazing time learing new things about your amazing country. All the information you gave us will definitely benefit us all in the future when we try and get people to go to Vietnam. Even when we were not at any specific tourist site you gave us information about the city or a building that was around us at the time. Thank you so much for being so accommodating to our needs and interests. You definitely  showed me what a good travel agent should be like. You were so detailed oriented and caring for each activity we did. You made sure we were all comfortable in each step we took while on the tour. Luy, you are such a kind person and I wish you the best in the future. I hope to come back to Vietnam in the future and I will most likely be in touch with you when I do.  Cheers, Katie Keen - May 2019
  1. Dear Luy,  I want to express my thanks for all your hard work in accommodating us on our study tour. I enjoyed listening to you explain all the different artifacts and history about every place and attraction. I have learnt so much about the Vietnamese culture and really enjoyed visiting all the different cities that Viet Nam has to offer. I also want to thank you for building a whole itinerary together for us. I am very grateful for this opportunity as it is a blessing for what you did building this wonderful itinerary. Thank you once again for making this one of the most amazing trips I have ever be on and letting me explore your country! Thank you so much for this awesome experience and a memorable trip.
                                                                                                         Jessica Hardiman! - May 2019
  1. Dear Luy  Thank you for showing us Vietnam and sharing your passion for your beautiful country. I know that the students learned a lot and will make good use of that knowledge throughout their careers. You are the consummate professional, caring kind and generous. Most importantly, you showed the students what true customer service is. I appreciate everything you did for our group and will recommend Pan Asia Adventures to anyone considering travelling to Asia with gratitude. Carla - May 2019
  1. Tam was a great tour guide. She was really enthusiastic  and she knew a lot about everything. We had a great day. Mr Marcel Vander Meulen and girl friend - Nov 2018 
  1. Thank you for  organizing and leading us in an amazing trip. You exceeded all of our expections in all aspects of  our Vietnamese experience. We will recommend you as tour guide with enthusiasm including the details as to how much we enjoyed this tour.  Mrs Sharon - Nov 2018 
  1. Many thanks for a wonderful trip. You did a great job. We have many good memories to take home with us. We especially enjoyed our trip to the caves and hike up the steps. Wishing you the best in the future with your business. I am sure you will be a great success. Keep in touch! Mrs Babara and Mr Calvin - Nov 2018  
  1. With much thanks for the time and effort you put into the great adventure of ours. We all enjoyed your company and your knowledge on Vietnam and how far this beautiful country of yours has come, is an eye opener for John and I and certainly for Patti and Richard. We will certainly use your capabilities to assist us to make another memorabel.  Mr John and Family - 2018