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Luy Pham – Managing director

Mr Luy Luy – graduate of English department of Ha Noi university, has been in tourism industry for almost 2 decades. Years of being tour guide and business partner in tourism have encouraged Luy to found PAN ASIA AVENTURES in 2018 with the utmost aim to help visitors discover the diverse culture, friendly people, stunning natural beauty as well as awesome cuisine of Vietnam and her neighbors  Lao, Cambodia and Myanmar.   
With his in-depth knowledge and unsurpassed passion, Luy and his team will secure your great trips.
Luy’s email: info@panasiaadventures.com

Mai Tran – Travel expert and accountant
This young girl has good command of written English and great passion of traveling though she is a graduate of Hanoi financial academy. 
Mai has travelled intensively around Northern Vietnam with her friends that helped her gain insight  the authentic culture, typical life style and picturesque scenery of the area. 
It is her great pleasure to tailor-make perfect itineraries for each and every one of her clients.

Mai’s email: mai@panasiaadventures.com

Thao Nguyen - Travel expert

Thao started her Hospitality and Guide skill at Hanoi open university, the top university for training hospitality. Soon after her  graduation, Thao became an English speaking tour guide for travel agents before working at a well known boutique hotel chain, where she acquired great experience and skills like sales, customer care, tour specialist,…Her decade of experience in the hospitality plus in-depth academic knowledge acquired from university are really enormous treasures for PAN ASIA AVENTURES

Thao’s email: thao@panasiaadventures.com

Hương Nguyen – Travel expert

Hương studied to be teacher of Russian and English at her teacher training university but she soon realized that her favorite job is tour consultant. 
She likes sharing travel experience with her friends and clients much more than teaching the languages to students.

Contact Huong to  have her expertise: sales@panasiaadventures.com