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Travel guide and FAQ's Laos

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    Area: 238,000 km2 (206,100 m2)
    Time: GMT+ 7hours
    Population: 8 million
    Language: Laos
    Capital: Vientiane 
    Religion: Buddhism
    Currency: Lao Kip (LAK). US$ 1 = roughly 8,500 LAK
    Dialing code: +856


    Visitors outside ASEAN countries require visas to travel to Laos. Visa can be obtained either in advance or on arrival. Most nationalities can get visa on arrival at major border gates or international airports. No eVisa is available to date.
    For more information about visa to Laos, please click here Lao Visa
    The best time to visit landlocked Laos is between October and April as during this time of the year the weather is warm and dry throughout the country. The country is driest during November and January. Some traditional festivals take place at this time of the year also. The country’s wet season runs from May to late half of October. It rains frequently during the time and temperatures stays around 30 degrees Celsius. At this time of year, many waterfalls begin to flow once more.
    The country is very safe to travel despite the fact that it is the poorest countries in the area. However, you should take common sense as you would when travelling anywhere.

    Throughout your Lao trip, always keep valuable belongings like passport, air tickets in hotel safe whenever possible. Most of hotels have safe in rooms.

    Capital city of Vientiane, you will feel pretty safe walking at night, however the locals here tend to go to bed early so the streets are quite after 9:30pm.

    Don’t forget to have some hotels name card in your pocket as to show your taxi drivers if you don’t want to walk back. Besides, wearing expensive jewelry walking at night is unadvisable.
    Cuisine of Laos draws on culinary traditions from its neighboring countries so you will be able to taste the flavors of China, Thailand and Vietnam in Laos dishes. But it is also very distinctive in its own right and many local dishes can be quite spicy. Food is often flavored with fermented fish sauce and chilies.
    Drinking tap water, event in hotel isn't recommended in Laos.
    We recommend you buy bottled waters. You also avoid using ice in drinks at most of local coffee shops and restaurants.
    Internet access is widely available in tourist areas like Luang Prabang, Vang Vieng,..and big cities like Vientiane. Most of hotels, restaurants, coffee shops and event tourist sites provide free wifi. But Internet access is not frequent in rural and remote areas.
    The country is quickly embracing the 21st Century and very accepting of tourists however it is still pretty conservative country with strong beliefs about modesty. So the suggestion is to think twice before packing your suitcases. The question isn't just: what's weather appropriate, but what's culturally appropriate. You are gonna to visit a country featuring numerous Buddhist temples and is year-round warm.

    Heat and humidity is through the country, therefore warm clothes are not needed.

    During visit to temples, pagodas or local family, man can wear over-knee shorts while women should not wear short skirts. You both must wear T-Shirt or sleeved shirt or blouse.
    January, February
    December, January, February are the driest months of the year throughout the country though you can see a little rain in Feb. The temperatures are comfortably warm, except the north of country where it can be quite cold in January. The water level of Mekong river in Laos is always high in January, making it an ideal time to explore the country’s waterways.

    March – April
    The country’s dry season continues until end of April. The temperatures throughout the country rises to over 30°C in many places; although cooler conditions can still be found in the highlands. But the water of Mekong river starts getting low.

    May, June
    It is still dry during the first half of the May but not anymore by the latter one. As of June, the country gets wetter as the heavy rains take place more often throughout. The rains are not long lasting and you still can expect lot of sunshine in south of the country. Temperatures are also higher than they were in the previous recent months.

    July, August, September
    The wet season is in full swing from July. The entire country see more heavy rains during this time than ever, and rainfall reaches its peak in September. Waterfalls and lush green landscapes are in the best time to admire, although heavy rains make your remote travel troublesome. The temperatures are different among different months and areas. During August, it is only around 20 degree Celsius through out the country, 10 degree Celsius lower than July and September. Thanks to heavy rains over the months, river level of Mekong has gone up significantly before the dry season approaches.
    October, November, December
    Most parts of Lao starts getting drier as of October. It is also a good month to visit the country, which features stunning green landscaped created by heavy rains of the wet season.

    The 5-month dry season really comes back as of early November. The entire country is dry again and waterlevel of Mekong river comes to its peak. Besides, ideal temperatures make the 3 months make the best time to visit the country for all.